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On Tue. January 14, 2014: There has been an update to the blog widget called: twitter! Check it out at Blogs->My Blogs->[blog_name]->options. You will have to add it back to your blog if you were using it.

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Geez! Sorry for the confusion! :P Yes, as in near Santa Barbara, California. My mom, grandparents, brother, cousins and all their kids live in Orange County, but my extended family still live in the Santa Barbara area. My great aunt and her family live in Ojai. But they had a mandatory evacuation apparently several hours before the Thomas Fire jumped the main highway. They had to evacuate again from Carpinteria when THAT fire went insane, so now they're in Northridge, finally enjoying smoke-free air. They'll be able to return once the smoke danger has lifted, but not yet. Their property, art studio & school where 2 of my family taught were all situated on the mountainsides. The school didn't make it. It's now a smoking skeleton of charcoal. I still have a few hardy cousins in Alaska, but everyone moved back down to California when they got sick of freezing half the year.
Confession time: I knew about Ojai because I watched an episode of “Brothers and Sisters” where they whined incessantly about how much they missed their childhood vacation cabin in Ojai. Ojai this and Ojai that and I thought “surely there must be something better on Sunday nights.” So when I hear Ojai all I can think about is Sally Field crying.
They WERE in Ojai and Carpinteria. Now they’re in Northridge. Didn’t she already say that? (Those are all places in California. I’m assuming they’re on fire. Well maybe not Northridge, I don’t see why anyone would flee to a town on fire).
Where are these family members and why did they evacuate? Glad they are safe now!
Sorry for the downer, Steve. We finally made contact with them and they're all safe with family in Northridge. It cheered me up to hear you say you had a snowball Georgia. :) That's pretty cool.
We use wax paper all the time. Weekly. Not sure where it comes from though. Wal-Mart, Target or maybe wax paper fairies.
Aw hell no. People use wax paper all the time. Last time I bought it I think was at Dollar Tree, which indicates that it is a normal tool of the proletariat.
Luckily I went there for more than that. And I had Joey with me, and he couldn't find it either. I mean, did I miss something and has wax paper gone the way of the rotary dial phone and affordable health insurance?
Same here. It got really cold this week. Just cold (and one night, windy), nothing else; the air is a big fat jerk.
I won't laugh. Years ago we had a big snow storm, I think like a foot at its highest point in the city (it was a foot in our yard, and we lived near the foothills at the time). They called it a "once in 50 years" storm - we certainly don't have enough snow removal equipment for that, and it would be dumb to invest in for such a rare storm. For 3 days, semis couldn't get out of the city (granted, part of it was getting through the mountain pass just east of here, far more treacherous, but still). People who live in places that get a lot of snow don't have a clue what it's like to deal with even a little bit when you hardly get any and don't have a good way to deal with it. I'm glad y'all had fun and made the best of it...I am jealous! It's been SO dry here.

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