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HBD, Luna

Posted on: Monday 03/13/2017 09:37:35

The happiest of birthdays to a classy, beautiful lady.  She has a great smile in every photo, no matter what she has going on. She always has kind words and heartfelt advice for me in whatever I happen to be going through. She is impressively strong. It appears whatever life hands her, she perseveres. Best wishes, Luna.     

  • lunamor Says:
    Awww, I just try not to die. I've made it to Level 42! Yay! :)

    Thanks, KB.

  • kittenheel Says:
    She's nice enough that it's impossible to hate her for being beautiful and smart and stacked. It's really not fair. ;)

  • Fritz The Bootlegger Says:
    Level 42! Great band!

    (Not really)
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