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A Lost Boy

Posted on: Sunday 10/15/2017 11:29:19

I didn't know the site was back up and running. My fault. I won't write a huge post, just a recent update. Currently, I have been at home on short term disability from work. I had a hand surgery the first week of September, and a follow up surgery two weeks ago. I had something called Dupuyren's Contracture. Fingers curl into the palm and freeze like that. I found 98% of the time it occurs in men of Nordic decent (I'm Norwegian) over 50, and it is always in the left pinkie finger. 

Except for me. It also started in my ring and middle fingers. It's caused by excess collagen deposits that form around the tendons in the palm. I was sliced open every which way. My hand looked so horrible, I was upset and called it my Frankenstein Hand. It's been a lot of pain, more than I imagined. It's also a slow road to recovery, lots of physical therapy, and home exercises. It's been very lonely stuck at home. I can't drive with guards, splints, and yards of bandages on my hand, and- surprise! The TV is broken and has to back to the manufacturer. Quiiiiiet...My daughter has been very sweet about bring me groceries and visiting. I am due back at work November 1st.   

While home I have done a lot of reading, writing, and one-handed gardening. I was able to launch a new poetry web site for myself, and started taping a series of poetry readings for You Tube. I may have a new book coming out in February. For over a year I have been wanting to turn a small, empty upstairs bedroom into a writing room. I took this opportunity to do it. It's finished, and I am really pleased with it. It has a desk, my printer, a club chair, accent table, small stereo, cool artwork, and a ton of plants. It's not a stuffy, walnut everywhere study, but is all light and airy.

I finally went through all of the boxes the movers brought back into the basement after the fire nearly five years ago. Most are being shit canned. I was pleased though, to find a number of keepsakes I thought had burned. By the way, asshole is in his fifth year of his eleven year sentence. Good for him.

My bosses are incompetent, overbearing, egotistical jerk offs that do nothing but cause me too much stress and anxiety, and keep my therapist in business. I'm planning on trying to take retirement in four years. It's been a great career for nearly 37 years, but in the space of two years, these two guys have managed to convince me and others that enough is enough.

Finally, if I didn't say before, my divorce was finalized in March. Adios. She is now like someone who used to bully me in high school that I haven't seen since. It cost me $7k. What remains is equitable (not) division of pension and 401(k) funds between the two of us. It's a legal, paperwork, and accounting nightmare I would wish on no one. Still no special lady in my life. Blargh...

Glad to be back, people...

  • lunamor Says:
    I'm sure glad to see you back! So sorry about the hand...those kinds of things always seem to be a massive amount of pain. I hope you can get back to normal soon!

  • blackbird Says:
    Sorry about your hand, but it sounds like you have a lot of really positive things going on in your life! That's great. Keep on truckin' like the doo-dah man.

  • kittenheel Says:
    I'm excited about your website and YouTube channel! Sometimes really trying times result in really good art, and you've definitely paid your dues over the past few years. It's great to see you back. :)

  • knifeboy Says:
    Thank you, ladies. I appreciate it. Yes, it's been a lot of pain, more that I expected, but I didn't take the Percoset or Oxycodone I was prescribed, and found I can also take more pain that I thought. I had to do the hand. There were too many things I couldn't do the way it was. No longer being able to play guitar was the last straw./homepage
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