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Aggravation Much?

Posted on: Tuesday 02/13/2018 01:19:47

Well, here are some fun things from recent happenings:

In my recheck with the surgeon last Wednesday, I found out he fracturing my pinkie finger while doing straightening maneuvers during the second surgery. No wonder it is taking so long to heal, and why I am in so much damned pain when the physical therapist manually bends it. I am back to work on 12/4, but will still be in therapy for months 

I am going to try very hard to keep my stress very low and not let my bosses get my goat when I go back. I've been thinking hard that, even this is not the real me, I should not care about things there, stay calm, and just placate them and tell them whatever they want to hear at every turn.  

I found out about a major issue today. Apparently, according to federal law, my FMLA for my bipolar had to run consecutively with my disability hours. Even though one has nothing to do with the other. I am now almost out of FMLA hours because of this,even I file no claims against it. According to the law, because this occurred, I am not eligible to file for another FMLA until September of next year. Even though the disability and bipolar have nothing to do with each other. If I need to take time off due to a manic episode or bout of depression in the next ten months, I'm screwed, not covered. My bosses already view me as a problem employee, and would no doubt love to find a reason to get rid of me.

I found out that my mortgage company says I owe so much yet on my house that I won't have the house paid off for another 19 years. A house I have been in for 28 years, and that I signed the original loan for an amount that is $45,000 less than what they say I owe. In 19 years I'll be 78 years old. Can I never stop working? I know for certain my company is not going to let me keep on that long. Something seems wrong, and I need to research it. The problem is, the loan has been bought out twice, and guess what? All of the related paperwork got incinerated in the fire four years ago. I will be getting a higher quality, much larger fireproof records box.

  • kittenheel Says:
    I plan to stick it to the man by dying in debt with no estate for them to make a claim against. And at the rate I'm going, I should have no trouble doing just that.

  • lermontov Says:
    I'm with you guys! Die broke in a great suit!

  • lunamor Says:
    The mortgage thing sounds awful :(

    As for FMLA - it wasn't ever intended to be a long term thing. Speaking from the HR side of things...if an employee needs to be out for months and months(longer than the few the FMLA allows, and no matter the reasons), it might be time to look into long-term disability. I sure wish you didn't have think about these things at all, though.

  • Nightbreed Says:
    You're not a legitimate human unless you have some kind of debt hanging over your head. If you don't, you're one of The Lizard People.

  • lermontov Says:
    Or put it all on Bitcoin!

  • snow Says:
    Bitcoin. Lol.

    Yeah, I pretty much disregard my pension that will likely be gone by the time I retire. I figure I won't live long enough to stop working. Maybe it's a goal of mine.
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