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Keeping Quiet

Posted on: Thursday 12/28/2017 10:51:50

I know my posts have been sporadic. That will probably stop, as I will explain. Here's an update of what has been going on in Don's World:

First, I believe I have found me a woman! Just as I was closing my POF account in despair, she messaged me. We have been texting constantly, sometimes, well past bed time. She is my age, divorced, a clerical assistant, and lives not too far away. Her husband was apparently an immature dick whom thought he was still 20. She  thinks I am very nice and have my act together. Now get this: She sees nothing wrong with my being bipolar. She wants to come here for New Year's Eve, and in her words, "sleep in front of the Christmas tree" if I promise to leave it up. Of course I will. High hopes. 

I have to have a third surgery on my hand. The pinkie finger still will not bend. Unfortunately, I have to be awake for this one. I have no problem with needles. As an ERT I have no problems with blood or deep, gaping wounds or broken bones. However, watching my own finger being sliced open to the bone, then a surgeon digging around in side, no. I will be turning my head the other way.

I don't know If I told this, but while I was off work on disability, my volatile boss physically assaulted a female supervisor. The next day, he started a three week "vacation". Suspended without pay? Mandatory sensitivity Training? Both? All I know is that, against company policy he was not immediately fired. He came back. The supervisor is filing a law suit. The good thing in this is for me. He has always been a prick to me, but is now being nice, even complimentary. That being the case I decided to treat him nice, instead of how you treat someone who is a prick. So far it's working. 

I have, or had, a close friend for about 12 years. She suddenly stopped answering my emails, or emailing me for months. Several times during this period I sent texts asking if she and her wife would like to get together someplace for dinner or a couple of beers. They went unanswered. The final blow was that I sent a Christmas card, and I got it back yesterday- Return to sender. I just can't figure out what I might have done wrong. I see mutual friends in public places, and they are all very nice to me. I don't get it, and it hurts. I am now down to one close friend.

Finally, I have been getting no support from family and friends on anything of importance, especially my illness. My therapist strongly advised me to stop telling them anything. I am doing it, but I have never felt so isolated. Added to this, my therapist, whom is the best ever, and I have dealt with for eight years, called last week to tell me she was leaving the practice the following day. And the clinic has no replacement at this time. I will be flying solo for who knows how long. Now I really am isolated. That made me feel like I was treading water, and the life preserver was ripped from my hands.

I am trying to be positive. There are some good things happening, but at the same time, I know myself and my illness all too well. If things don't work out with this lady and my boss stops being nice, I will be headed for a tailspin. Thanks for reading. 

  • kittenheel Says:
    Ooh, I hope that supervisor wins her lawsuit! I used to work with this absolute bitch of a woman, but when she realized she was repeatedly passed over for a promotion she sued for discrimination and won enough money to retire young. I couldn't stand her, but I definitely admired her for standing up to the company. /homepage

  • lermontov Says:
    Have a great 2018! STart it off with a bang
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