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Posted on: Thursday 12/28/2017 11:06:27

I forgot one thing. My ultra-evil, blood sucking, money grubbing, immoral, she-demon from hell of an ex wife is dragging out the situation with the division of the 401(k) and pension funds. She is not cooperating with my lawyer, even though she stands to gain greatly and further ruin me. 

I told my lawyer to find a way to get it done, because the retainer is starting to dwindle. I am not coughing up another $3,500 for a third one. I don't care at this point. If it ends up not getting settled, she loses the game, not me. This woman whom you know I loved so very much can, for all I care, choke to death on her boyfriend's....Never mind. Vindictive much? Yeah.

My lawyer had to file a court order. If she doesn't provide the needed documents and correspondence to the court in 14 business days from yesterday, she will be fined $100 a day until she does. That should light a fire under her non-loyal ass. Hooray.

  • intense Says:
    You have been far too patient with all her stalling. Sock it to her.
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