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Some Pleasant Things. Really.

Posted on: Tuesday 04/03/2018 01:51:55

I don't remember if I have talked about this, and don't feel like going through all my posts, so if you have heard this, sorry.

Besides the other crapola (autocorrect wants to change that to Crayola!) I have posted about recently, I am deep into poetry mode. April is National Poetry Month. In honor of this, we torture ourselves with the difficult poem-a-day challenge. I actually have a couple of disturbed friends whom wrote 3-4 a day in the last two year's events. It's very early, but I am keeping up and plan on finishing. Last year I only made it to the 22nd. 

I am keeping up with my poetry website. In fact, I just updated it the end of last week. I always post a note on the updates on FB. When I look at my site statistics after that, the hits go way up, so it's a good tactic. It's not just family reading. The numbers are too high for that. 

I have submitted to two journals. One is new. The other had shut down a few years ago, and is restarting. They were very good to me before. They published my work 3-4 times. They nominated me for a Best Of The Net award three different years, and even did an interview with me at one point.

I am still working on the new book manuscript. It is my 35mm photography with poems based on each photo. It's not a fun book. It is serious, the overall theme being decay, regret, and being forgotten. Only one poem is autobiographical. Most of the photos are of historic sites in South Jersey. It is not about death per se, but I think I have a decent cover concept: a photo of the entrance to a very old cemetery with a title above it of, "Always In, Never Out: Photos and Stories". Yes?

I have for years had an inkling to attempt to write poems under a female pseudonym. I have been doing this and publishing on a website called Mirakee. They are short poems, seven lines at most, each of 2-5 words. In some it is obvious this "woman" is writing about a female lover. In some you simply can't tell the sex of the subject or narrator. The more fuzzy I make that distinction, and the more subtly erotic I make them, the more likes they get. I have 16 regular followers so far. I must be succeeding, as no one has cried, "bullshit" regarding my assumed sex in the comments sections of any of the poems. It's challenging and fun.

I am still working on my new You Tube video reading series. I am putting together number three in bits and pieces now. I am also thinking of reviving a series of 13 podcasts I recorded about eight years ago that appeared on FB and my old web site.

Apart from that, I am writing things not related to any projects or challenges, and am still waiting to hear word on whether the book manuscript I submitted in June will be published. You have to be very patient with these things. You can submit three poems to a well known journal and wait nine months or more for a yea or nae, especially if you submitted via snail mail. I am also home printing and laminating business cards for my site to hand out at readings and send with submissions. I have learned in my line of work if you really want someone to keep something- laminate it.

Happy Tuesday...

  • Fritz The Bootlegger Says:
    Magnets are also a good way to get someone to keep something.

  • fakebrunette Says:
    Steve is right magnitize the business card and it will end up on the fridge

  • kittenheel Says:
    I want to buy a copy of your photo / poetry book when it is finished. I so wish I could write creatively again. Maybe the muse will come back one of these days.

  • lunamor Says:
    I am proud of you for being so creative! That's a lot of work.

  • knifeboy Says:
    You won't buy it, Mary. I will send you one for nothing. The same for anyone else who wants one. I don't do it for money, just to be creative. If only one person feels moved in some way by just one of my poems- sad, angry, elated, surprised, whatever- that is my reward.
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