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Interesting, I Think

Posted on: Saturday 05/26/2018 03:55:55

I am in Ohio now while the house is being shown, getting some things in order. Incidentally, there are two offers on the table. Aside from that, I have something interesting and sort of funny to relate. Tonight, my sister and my BIL took me, his brother, his mom and step dad, and his sister and her wife to a place called Benny's. It is a huge restaurant/bar in the middle of nowhere. It has an inside, and a large outside with a second bar and a stage. The band tonight, Reganomics, plays 80s hits, and always pack the people in.

I happened to notice at the table next to us a lady, I'd say in her mid-30s, who reminded me of a friend from poetry circles, but- she was gorgeous. I thought nothing else of it until I noticed a few times that she was eyeing me and quickly diverted her eyes when I caught her. We got into that thing of eyeing each other, trying not to get caught, but getting caught anyway. I tried to break out of it, but as time went on, we were making eye contact and both smiling. Keep in mind, I was trying to eat pizza, drink a beer, and keep engaged in the conversations people were drawing me into. This included my BIL's sister's wife trying to persuade me to dance with her, to which I finally succumbed. Damn my family for putting this in FB. 

Anyway, I became aware at one point that this woman apparently couldn't take her eyes off. I watched out of the corner of my eye. She was talking to her friend a mile a minute, and glancing at me about every tenth word. The waitress brought her and her friend each a beer. Before I knew it, she turned her chair towards me. She quickly chugged her beer, and then grabbed her friend's beer and chugged it. Then some shock. She suddenly slumped some in her chair, grabbed her knees (she was wearing jeans), spread her legs wide, feet in the air, and making strong eye contact, let out a loud, "Woo-Hoooo!"

I know Lerm would have sprung from his seat at this point and jumped on her, but I was somewhat embarrassed (though pleased), as family and people around us witnessed this. Her friend, whom was also obviously embarrassed, quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her from her seat to the dance area. They disappeared. A while later, they came back to their table. She was dancing the whole way. The friend grabbed their purses, took her hand again, and lead her somewhat unwillingly towards the outside exit. 

As I watched them start to go, another surprise. She broke from her friend, turned and saluted me, lips puckered. Her friend got her hand again, and as she was pulled away, she blew a kiss at me. I just winked and smiled. Now, I am a realist. I know she was at least buzzed. And I know a 30-something would not seriously be interested in me. Still, it was a nice ego boost while it lasted.

  • lunamor Says:
    Good for you - a little flirting is always good for the psyche!

  • knifeboy Says:
    Agreed. As a side note, the house was sold today. I'm not coming away 100% clean, but it's alright. Four weeks to closing. Next step: buy a nice truck.

  • Simon Says:
    It’s a hell of a long time since anything like this happened to me, but yes, it does work wonders. :)
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