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The Good Life

Posted on: Tuesday 06/05/2018 02:12:16

Everyone here is all to familiar with my life the past few years. As a number of people predicted, life is getting much better. The house is sold, with the closing set for the end of the month. I will have all of my stuff moved out here in a couple of weeks.

In the mornings, I no longer rush to get up and fight traffic to get to a job that my superiors make a living hell. Now I get up whenever. I take Bosco and my morning coffee onto my sister's spacious patio, and sit by the pool. I don't hear traffic, military and Coast Guard aircraft, trains, or most times, not even people. I hear the water in the creek burbling over the big rocks. I hear and watch dozens and dozens of birds, everything from hummingbirds, to woodpeckers, to the occasional bald eagle. There are many evenings around the stone fire pit with margaritas, start gazing, listening to the howls of the coyotes, and the yips of their pups from across the corn fields. Farmland dominates this general area.

I am doing a lot of activities with my family and a few old friends. I am doing a lot of reading. I am finishing about eight I was part way through, and have read several new ones. I am also doing a lot of writing, and for once the number of what I consider good poems outweigh the crap. I have offered my services to the local school district (where I went to school) for teaching and tutoring in creative writing for grades 7-12 starting in the fall school year. I am also contemplating becoming a volunteer with the parks and wildlife department. Especially enticing is if I volunteer at a state campgrounds, I get the exclusive use of a camp site season long.  

A family friend whom is a good realtor is looking out for houses that fit what I want: 3-4 bedroom, garage, one or more acres fenced, no neighbors, surrounded by farm land that is not up for development or any kind of rezoning. According to her and the mortgage person I am working with, I should be able to get that for about $130-150k, with property taxes of only about $1k, a fourth what I pay now. A pre-approval is being worked up for me at present.

So, all the stress, pressure, anxieties, insomnia, and depression are quickly melting away. I believe the management at my company thought they were eliminating a problem- me. They can't possibly have a clue as to how well this is working in my favor. As the saying goes, I lost a battle but one the war. Karma has swung quickly in my favor. Now it just needs to quickly swing against a few individuals who deserve it. I'm not worried about that though. I believe, and I know it will happen at the right time. 

  • Simon Says:
    Good to hear you’re doing so well. My brother took early retirement at 56 a few years ago after being a teacher all his working life, and he certainly didn’t regret it, despite the reduced pension. And I of course have been on the dole for most of mine, and while I feel mildly embarrassed about being one of the leisured classes, I certainly appreciate not suffering from the stress of the type you describe.

  • lunamor Says:
    Holy shit, $130k? You can't buy a mobile home for that here, I don't think. I hope you find something you like soon, and glad you're doing well.

    Early retirement can be a really good thing. My dad retired at 60, and I am so glad he did because he was gone 5 years later. I've always been grateful he had at least a few years to relax and do whatever the hell he wanted.

  • kittenheel Says:
    Yeah, I have a feeling your ex-boss will feel karma's boot in his ass sooner or later.

  • lermontov Says:
    SO good to hear buddy - keep mending

  • snow Says:
    Glad to hear that you sound so much happier!
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