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I'm A Mess

Posted on: Tuesday 06/26/2018 01:54:55

I'm all relaxed after the trials of the move. I've been swimming a lot, working on my already decent tan, kayaking, star gazing and having fires at night, taking walks, and some great dinners out. I just started talking to my brother again this afternoon. He had made himself scarce. I asked him to go fishing tomorrow morning. He told me he couldn't as he had to go for some tests that my sister told me he had today. I'm not sweating it.

I heard the results of the township inspection on my house. There is a shit list of things to be done. Most are simple and cheap. What's not is required railings around both porches, about $2k worth. Also, some electrical crap that requires a licensed electrician. I smell some dollars on that one, too, The closing is pushed back because of these things. I'm not sweating that, either.

I got a letter from the Burlington courts about being in arrears on my alimony. I sent one back explaining my situation, and a partial payment. I suppose a notice of a contempt of court warrant will arrive next. again, not sweating that one. Come get me. I won't be missing work, and can't pay shit if I'm behind bars. Maybe I'll get that new tattoo while inside.

Today's fun was, while getting out of the kayak today, I slipped and fell in the mucky water. I cut the shit out of my left palm on a rock. Being diabetic, it bleed like crazy all over my clothes. Oh year, and I have poison ivy on my arm and numerous deer fly bites from wading the creek over the weekend. And this would all not be complete without some chiggers.

That's it for now. I hear the local coyotes howling and tipping not too far away, and I still have to gt Bosco out to pee. Good Tuesday.

  • kittenheel Says:
    Honestly, I would gladly cut the shit out of my palm rather than get chiggers. Those things are straight from hell. You're probably right about the court thing. I don't think they'll come after you for alimony, particularly if you sent a partial payment. Hell, where I live, getting them to enforce child support is like pulling teeth. I doubt the courts have resources to go after alimony with a lot of force. /homepage

  • Fritz The Bootlegger Says:
    I agree on the chiggers, those things suck. They were a serious problem when I lived in Arkansas, but I haven’t encountered them here in GA. I don’t think they existed where I lived in NJ (Monmouth County near the Shore).

  • Simon Says:
    This is why you should never leave the house except in an emergency.

  • lunamor Says:
    I'm sorry to hear some things aren't going so well, but I'm glad you're handling it well. Sometimes a change of scenery helps that sort of thing a lot.

  • snow Says:
    I have never once been bitten by a chigger. I guess they don't like me.

  • lermontov Says:
    Sounds like you're doing ok.

    Stay in control
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